Saturday, April 16, 2011

Draft West

Something I wrote in a comments box earlier today, that I want to share......

I think that those who think that minds are not changed by THE PEOPLE need to read history, and learn about how we have Eisenhower as one of our former Presidents!! He even cried, I have read, when it was becoming clear that THE PEOPLE were seriously wanting him to run.

WASHINGTON is said to have asked if he had not already served his country enough when THE PEOPLE told him that they wanted HIM for their President. He stopped after two terms, and refused the request for KING. But he was, and is, our first President of the US, and it was THE PEOPLE who drafted him.

We have 'waited' for the Party to pick our candidates for YEARS (since IKE) We have allowed the MEDIA and the PARTY to select those that they choose to hand us on a tray to vote for. We cannot allow that to happen again, if we truly believe that our nation is in danger, our Constitution is in danger.

I believe that West is the man we need NOW, and I believe that WE THE PEOPLE can step up and DRAFT that man, just as my parents generation drafted EISENHOWER!

YES, he can refuse ... but he has NOT refused. He has NOT said he would not run. What he has said is that he is NOT going to start campaigning at this stage of the game like another did before him, but is going to do the job that he was elected to do, and learn as much as he can while doing that in the HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE. And, then, as far as the rest goes, he is depending on GOD, his wife and family, and THE PEOPLE to lead him and give him direction. He has said that if GOD wants this to be, it will happen.

Now, did he use my words? NO, But he has NOT shut the door at any time, and he has repeatedly said we should pray for him, and that he will do the will of God, his wife, and THE PEOPLE.

There is a verse that says something like the double minded man will get nothing (that is very paraphrased)... another says to let your yes be yes, your no be no. I am not going to be double-minded. I want WEST to be my President after the 2012 election, and I am working on that.

I am trusting God, Mrs West and family to show Allen West the way HE wants West to go, and doing my part to show West what I, one of the PEOPLE, need him to do. I believe that West will answer that call when enough of us begin to speak clearly that we want him to run.

And I am not sorry that this is so long. GO WEST, 2012!!


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