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Draft Allen West -President - 2012

Permission has been given by Scott Sammler, the author of this letter to spread it near and far, via email or FB or blog, or any other way, including word of mouth.

In this letter, he says what I and many others think. I realize it is long, but I am posting it here in its entirety.

Before you begin to tell me that West has said he isn't interested, what he has said is he is open, and it depends on God, his wife, and the People. We are the People. He has also said that if God wants it, it will happen. God uses people.

The People drafted George Washington. The People drafted Ike Eisenhower. We have had enough of those picked by the Republicans and the media. It is time for the People to check out this man and then speak to those who 'choose' our candidates. We do NOT want more of the same. I want Allen West, and my reasons are all the videos I have posted, as well as what Scott writes below.

Before you tell me that he 'has no experience, look above at the People's statement on that. They drafted IKE, they drafted GEORGE. Sorry, but we don't need someone to sit through Congress (like Obama did... like Newt did... nor Governor, like Romney and Huckabee did). Right now, we need a LEADER with integrity who is smart enough to LEAD, and to gather around him advisors to work toward saving our country. I think 2016 may be too late for our country. Allen West served as a LEADER for 22 yrs in the military. He KNOWS how to lead. He IS ready. He is open to God, his wife, and the PEOPLE. He is my candidate!

God bless.

The letter I sent out to my FB friends...

I'm sending this e-mail to you, my Facebook friends who I believe have the same (or very similar) views on politics as I do. This isn't something I normally do...send out mass e-mails pushing a politician.

However, I think we have reached a time in this country where individuals need to get up and take a stand. I'm doing just that.

I'm not going to sit back and let the Republican Establishment nominate another RINO for us without me getting involved. We don't need some "I watch the polls to see what I believe in" elitist RINO running against Obama in 2012. No more ALLEGED Republicans flip-flopping their views on a weekly basis to try to scam their way into picking up votes.

As bad as Obama is, it's tough taking out a sitting President. There are still a lot of Liberal kool-aid drinkers among our voting population, who will say, "We can't expect Obama to turn things around in only 4 years. Let's give him another 4." We need to nominate someone who has what it takes to beat him. Another lackluster Republican nominee will probably doom the country to another four years of Obama.

Republicans need to nominate a leader in the truest sense of the term and resist the temptation to settle for a safe, generic nominee. The best chance Republicans have for success in 2012 will be with a candidate who provides a stark and unmistakable contrast to Obama. A candidate who is a fearless leader and a convincing communicator that is determined to put this country back on a path towards its original constitutional moorings. A candidate who will take President Obama to
the mat on every issue as the opportunity presents itself. Are you going to agree with everything this candidate believes in? No, but what we need is a leader more than anything else.

Am I able to get the person nominated all by myself? No. And that is precisely why I'm hoping to recruit some, if not all, of you. If you all research my choice of candidate and like what he is about, please inform all of your friends. I'm hoping to be one of the small parts of a massive snowball effect. There are many other people around the
country doing this as well for this person...if enough 'snowballs' get rolling, we most certainly can make a difference.

When I look at the current occupant of the White House, I see someone who has absolutely NO leadership skills. He has been behind on every major issue that has crossed his desk. It seems as if he has no clue how to do anything that his job entails. If he'd spend less time golfing, going on vacations, hosting parties at the White House or filling out his NCAA basketball picks on national TV, maybe he could improve as the Leader of the Free World. I don't foresee that happening, though. He seems fairly content on sending more troops into the Middle East to engage in military action with Libya while he vacations in Rio with his family. That is not leadership!!

I can imagine many of you asking why I've spent the time and effort to send this out. Why am I so passionate about this?

It's because I know what America was and I know what America can be, and I want to leave for my children and future grandchildren the best of what America has to offer, and I'm going to make sure that I do everything I can to get the right leader in place to make that a reality. The current President has taken America so far down the totem pole from where we used to be and where we should be that I can no longer stay silent. I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that I get the word out and make sure that I tell everyone I can why I am pushing this person.

I feel that it's important that we UNITE to choose the best candidate to replace Obama. But, from what I see, most folks are listening to the hearts, not their heads. We need to give this country the leader it needs.

That leader is ALLEN WEST. He is he man we should and need to vote for.

He has everything needed to be an outstanding President...excellent leadership skills, integrity, intelligence, honor, undying love for this nation, knowledge and dedication to the Constitution of the United States, a willingness to uphold all of our nation's Conservative values, and a ability to tell it like it is without being

Allen West is a breath of fresh air. He says what needs to be said. He says what a majority of Americans are thinking and does it with knowledge and authority. He believes in and loves the America that I believe in and love...the America that I want to leave for my children.

I would encourage each and every one of you who loves our country to please take a little time and go to YouTube and watch some of the Allen West videos of his speeches and interviews. I think you will learn a lot about this man, and I think you will be impressed!!!! He speaks from the heart. No teleprompters. No high-priced speech-writers.

The videos which I highly recommend are:

"Allen West: Resurrecting the American Spirit"

"CPAC: Rep. Allen West Keynote Speech"

"Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West at the Revolution/American

Freedom Tour"

Some more videos:

After watching the videos, please go to the following websites to learn

more about him.

I respectfully submit that Allen West is an eminently qualified candidate for the 2012 Republican ticket at this point in time because of his character, leadership ability, and record of service to his country.

Allen West is desperately needed to lead our country and restore our prosperity, security and traditions.

The times and the dangers we face call for an extraordinary leader who is a doer and an achiever. We are blessed to have such a leader. Allen West is that TRUE leader.

LTC Allen West is ready to become our next President, but we need to join forces and spread the word! He is doing his part, we need to do our part...if you like what you see, please, let us join together and make it happen.

Please join the Facebook group "DRAFT ALLEN WEST FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012", get others to join the group and then forward this e-mail to everyone you think will join this movement. We need to show LTC West that he has a backing.

Thank you.
Scott Sammler


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