Friday, February 26, 2010

Lila Rose rebuffs Wis. Planned Parenthood claims of no ID

There have been several instances in Wisconsin where a young man has had his entire life changed by dating and having sex with a girl under 16, when parents learned of this. Think about this a minute. A HS Junior or Senior dating a HS freshman or sophomore. 16-18 yr old male, 14-16 yr old female. How many times does this happen?? So if the guy turns 18, and she is still 15--look out!!

Yet, if the girl becomes sexually active, even without pregnancy as the 'proof' of that, the male can be charged, and he may also be entered onto the sexual predator list. For the rest of his life....

Yet here we have a "case" of a clear violation of the Law, with a '14 yr old girl' and a '31 yr old man'....and PP does not report it to the authorities, OR to her parents, and gives instructions on how to get around this when she goes to court to get the needed order for her to have an abortion....

What about the 10 yr old, or 11, or 12 yr old kids that are brought in by anyone, INCLUDING a parent??? WHO got that child pregnant??

Evil. Just plain evil....

According to Wisconsin state law, sex between an adult and minor under the age
of 16 is considered a felony. Health professionals are required to report cases
of statutory rape to law enforcement authorities immediately

ANY Health professional MUST report this to the Law Enforcement authorities IMMEDIATELY, as well as any suspected abuse. It is in part of our Licensure. A pregnant girl under 16, even if consensual IS evidence of statutory rape when the father is an adult!! I hope that the Licensed health professionals at this clinic (and any others) are disciplined by the Board--both Nursing and Medical. I also hope that the Legal authorities act, as well.

Lila Rose rebuffs Wis. Planned Parenthood claims of no ID :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)


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