Monday, February 22, 2010

Walid Shoebat Now on Facebook

Also a fan page and a foundation page....

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Hi Friends:

To those who like Facebook, We are now full time on this medium, you can now engage directly with us.

We are developing an advanced internet strategy to increase traffic to the web site. This we hope will increase awareness and expose the islamist agenda further.

We have now engaged a full time internet person, his Name Max Gibson former IDF veteran of the Gaza campaign of 2008/2009 who also happens to be a computer science graduate and an experienced marketeer in the internet world.

In the few days he has been working on the web traffic department we have seen a big increase, we hope with all the other bells and whistles Max will be working soon  that the traffic will multiply even further.

Max is also responsible for the design and creation new web site and we are grateful for his great work and support for us.

Here is the direct link for Facebook


Keith Davies


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