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Liberals are Scared and They SHOULD Be


The Liberals are Scared and they SHOULD Be

In a piece of typical liberal blather, columnist Gary Stein now tries to pain Congressman West as some sort of talking head suffering from an illness he calls “Fox-it is.”

“It seems Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, has come down with a severe case of Fox-itis.
The tell-tale signs are there. The mouth moves quickly, making noise the tea party loves. The speaker often uses vile adjectives and verbal bombs to get attention.
Fox-itis, for sure.”

Naturally, Stein doesn’t provide any examples of vile adjectives or verbal bombs spoken by Allen West. Perhaps he, Stein, is confused by West’s penchant for honesty instead of politically correct parsing.

Stein continues, “Not only do tea partiers love this guy — they dream of President West — Fox adores him. You often see him talking to Greta Van Susteren or Hannity or others, tossing around words such as "vile," "vicious," "tyrannical," "socialist agitator" etc., when talking about Democrats or Barack Obama. He makes Nazi Germany comparisons. Call me crazy, but I have trouble seeing him at a table negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Okay…You’re crazy.

“In a weekly message to "fellow patriots," he talked about Obama saying Israel should go back to its pre-1967 borders as part of a Middle East peace settlement. According to West, "America has a president who lacks moral courage and integrity ... I cannot attribute this incompetent statement to naivete, but rather to conscious, nefarious and malicious intent."

Notice how Stein places fellow patriots in quotes. Liberals really don’t care much for patriots as patriots often uphold the ideas and ideals of the founders, highly regard our constitution, and have no room for socialists believing instead that our republic is great and should continue to be so. Patriot West spent his entire Memorial Day paying tribute to our fallen heroes at one event after another while Obama spent most of HIS Memorial Day trying to stay in the fairway and 3 putting. Par for the course for both men and Stein gets a birdie for failing to mention it.

Stein goes on to write, “Obama, of course, came out and clarified the pre-1967 borders were just a starting point for negotiations and land swaps, similar to what U.S. preference has been for decades.

Doesn't matter.

I have problems with Obama, too, but "nefarious" and "malicious" play well with the red meat-loving right wing and the tea party screamers. Too bad West's words can detract from any real message.”

It DOES matter Mr. Stein. It matters that Obama and his bewildered Press Secretary spent days claiming that the 1967 borders would NOT be a part of Obama’s policy speech and then it was. It matters that Obama gave that speech just hours ahead of Netanyahu’s arrival in Washington. It matters that Obama knew full well Netanyahu would speak to a joint session of congress on that very topic. It matters because when the President of China was in Washington he got a state dinner but before the Prime Minister of Israel could take the podium on the floor of the house, Obama was off to Ireland and England to embarrass himself as the court jester.

It also matters because after getting schooled by Netanyahu, Obama started trying to back paddle, clarify, and restate his position but locking the barn doors at that point pretty much means you’re walking rather than riding to the golf course.

Here’s something else that Matters Mr. Stein. The whole of Obama’s Middle East and North Africa engagements throughout his presidency have centered on appeasement, extending his hand to enemies, turning his back on allies and creating vacuums for elements of radical Islam to fill in those regions. It matters because clearly there is purpose behind Obama’s actions and it matters because Congressman clearly articulates that purpose. It matters because while on the attack, Stein offers no real substance or examples of how Congressman is, in any way, wrong in his assessment.

It is no stretch of imagination to believe, as we move toward the 2012 elections, liberals will stop drinking the Obama Kool Aid and start taking it through an IV drip in a futile attempt to stave off the “Red Meat-Loving” (substitute, Red State) “Tea Party Screamers” (substitute, Patriots) who took control of the process during the 2010 midterm election and put the likes of Allen West in congress.

Fox-itis is liberal code for truth and Congressman West is highly contagious.

Craig Andresen

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