Thursday, April 07, 2011


I am still praying, hard... but this looks more than hopeful... Mary has done a good job blogging about it, so I will just let HER handle it.

This will is one of three:

FREEDOM EDEN: Winnebago County - PROSSER WINS!: "As Kevin Kennedy of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board said yesterday, the numbers provided by the Associated Press were unofficial..."

FREEDOM EDEN: Prosser: Computer Error, Brookfield Vote: "This is big. Enormous! From Christian Schneider: BREAKING: Computer Error Could Give Prosser 7,381 More Votes, Victory After Tuesday night..."

FREEDOM EDEN: Kathy Nickolaus: "Everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE. Most mistakes are relatively private. They certainly don't require a press conference. Others happen on ..."

God bless!

UPDATE April 8, 2012:

FREEDOM EDEN: Prosser, Kloppenburg, and Michael Moore: "Consider this: The Dane County Clerk's Office holds a press conference on Thursday to announce that the vote tally for a city had been omit..."


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