Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Don’t Have an Abortion for Any Man--British TV Star says

British TV Star Tells Women: “Don’t Have an Abortion for Any Man”

Jose Gibson:

“He waited until I was three months gone to let me know he didn’t want it,” said Gibson. “I even had baby names picked and he turned around and told me that he didn’t want our child and that I should get rid of it.”

Gibson, now 26, admits, “I’ve regretted my abortion ever since. . . .I wept for hours. I knew straight away that it was a mistake.”

She added: “I didn’t really want to have an abortion. But I did it anyway, to please him. Big mistake.”

Her advice to other women in a similar situation is: “Don’t be forced into anything, don’t have an abortion for any man. Everything will work out alright in the end if you stay true to your own heart.”

The full article is not long, and can be found here.

So many women have so much regret........


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