Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck and Religion

I like Glenn Beck. I don't care for his religion. Not one bit.

I am not going to get into any theological discussion here, but yes, I have knowledge of that religion d/t relatives having entered it years ago, and I have had enough 'elders' attempt to persuade me to read the book and pray for the 'burning in the bosom'... sorry. I've also seen two of the movies that are very emotion-packed so that those who do not know better will get teary-eyed and believe that they have felt the spirit... and been suckered into that false religion... I've seen nothing beneficial in the lives of my relatives that would even tempt me to look further, and I have no interest any longer of discussing it. I do, however, pray hard that they find the REAL TRUTH, and the REAL JESUS of Nazareth, only Begotten Son of the Most High God, Three Persons in ONE GOD... The HOLY TRINITY. Jesus Christ is NOT a created being as Lucifer is.

They are not brothers in any fashion. One is Creator, the other creature who defied God, and was cast out. They are not equal in any way.

God bless!

PS To LDS (Mormon) relatives and their friends/family...
Do NOT baptize me nor marry me off to anyone after I die. I have already been Baptized, and my vows to God and my children's father are until death parts us. Period.


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