Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Walid Shoebat on Helen Thomas

All Jews out of Palestine - The Walid Shoebat Foundation Blog

Just a part of his post, but important:

Let us look more closely as to the whole concept of being “Pro Palestine” and its agenda. The facts are very clear if one chooses to look at the facts instead of the propaganda.

1. There was never in history a country called Palestine or an ethnic group called Palestinian until 1974. Arabs living in Israel, Jordan, Gaza or Judea/Samaria (West Bank) never referred to themselves as Palestinian until after the Yom Kippur War. The only people prior to 1974 who were referred to as Palestinian were the Jews who lived under the Palestine mandate prior to 1948.

2. Prior to the 6-day war in 1967 all Arabs living in Gaza called themselves Egyptian and those living on the West Bank were Jordanian and were entitled or possessed passports for those countries.

3. Any country securing land in a defensive war; that land is not considered occupied under international law. The land was secured from Jordan and Egypt in the 1967 6 day war, who many years later renounced their claim to those territories. Israel now owns those territories based on international law (though they do not fully claim them) and the creation of a Palestinian state is their prerogative and no one else’s whether one agrees or disagrees with such a policy.

4. Helen Thomas epitomizes the real truth of the left’s agenda as well a that of the Arab lobby in revealing the true nature of the conflict, which is Jew hatred. The concept of a land dispute is to con the world into believing that Palestinian nationhood and freedom is the reason for the dispute. It is also a useful way of playing on the guilt of Jewish people who are predominantly of left wing thinking.

5. If you study the facts of the history of the conflict it is based on hatred of Jews and the culture and teachings of Islam. In both conflicts of 1948 and 1967 the chants from the street were to “Kill the Jews.” If we look at the video shown on Al Jazeera prior to the Gaza Flotilla incident we hear the same rhetoric, if we listen to the audio response to the Israeli Navy when they intercepted the boats of the Gaza Flotilla we heard the same Jew hating expletives. No non-Muslim country can be tolerated in what Muslims regard as there sphere of influence.

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All Jews out of Palestine - The Walid Shoebat Foundation Blog


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